Sugun Praisoody
Year to Call: 2006 at Middle Temple Inn
Sugun Praisoody

Sugun has a wider range of experiences in all areas of common law including extensive experience of the daily pressures face by Solicitors and of valuable insight into client care from a different prospective. Such experience enables her to deal with lay and professional clients with professional manner while working under pressure.


Sugun represented the Secretary of State for Home Department and the Government Legal Department. Her extensive experience in Immigration and Asylum had driven her to establish her immigration practice successfully. Her cases involving foreign criminals have been settled at the Court of Appeal with consent orders.


Ms Sophie McCann, the Director, Intern, and Volunteer at Waging Peace (WP) states that “Sugun proved to be a real asset to us. Sugun produced a high-quality independent research, specifically focusing on asylum and immigration for our work with Sudanese asylum seekers Sugun was trained in Family Law by her Pupil Master, who is a Family Mediator, and since qualifying, she has worked on cases involving various aspects of family law. She represented Local Authorities in care proceedings and appeared before the High Court in cases involving foreign jurisdictions.



Her experiences in working for Criminal Law Firms and in representing Criminal Prosecution Services (CPS ) have driven her to establish her Criminal practice successfully.

Sugun regularly appears at Central London County Court on behalf of her clients in their housing and homeless cases.


Sugun appears on behalf of workers at Employment Tribunals (ET) and Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). She has represented qualified NHS Nurses and Local Authorities’ Social Workers at EAT and ET.


Sugun enjoys challenges and it encourages her in practicing insolvency law. Recently she represented her client on an under value sale of a property and won on a trial at the High Court Chancery Division but on an appeal, the court found an error on the trial judgement. She is now involved in appealing to the Court of Appeal on the points of Limitation Act and the Discretion of the Court ( Singh v Tashie-Lewis and Okonye [2018] EWHC 362 (Ch) Sugun practices almost all civil, including money claims, commercial law, including international business, licensing, land disputes and construction, private and charity Trust law and tort and contract matters. Sugun is an exceptionally dedicated person, with excellent organizational skills, and extremely hard working. She presents information succinctly and clearly and applies herself to all her endeavors and only undertakes tasks she is going to be complete at a high standard.


Sugun employs an analytical approach to all the matters that she has been involved in and she also presents as a highly competent and motivated individual.