Our Members/Barristers (Both Tenants and Door Tenants) Profiles

Sharaz Ahmed (2000)

(Head of Chambers)
Commercial, Civil, Immigration & Family

Jacqueline Victor- Mazeli(1997)

Immigration, Family (Children Matters), Civil & Crime

Christina Nicholas(1997)*

Immigration, Asylum Law, Civil & Commercial

Rajinder Claire (1997)*

Immigration Law, Asylum Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Criminal Law & Common Law

Paul Turner (1998)*

Immigration, Housing & Family

Nawab Babar Khan (1999)

Crime, Immigration, Chancery, Defamation Law, Employment

Khadija Rahman (2000)*

Immigration, Asylum Law & Family

Farah Ramzan(2003)*

Crime, Family, Immigration & Civil

Sharn Mardner(2003)*

Crime, Family, Civil & Immigration

Arman Alam (2009)

Immigration, Family & Civil

Anjulika Vatish (2009)

Immigration, Family, Civil & Social Security

Devendra Shrestha (2014)

Immigration, Family & Crime

Jay Gajjar (2014)*

Immigration, Civil, Family & Employment

Mazhar Ilahi (2017)*

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law

Esther Godwins

Employment Advocate

* Denotes Barrister as Door Tenants

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